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Stained Glass

The art of stained glass is centuries old and has been through many changes, although the basic principles remain the same.

Stained glass can be used as a general term that means these use of coloured or painted glass, cut to make a pattern and then assembled using lead and solder. Strictly speaking the term should only be used when the glass has been painted using metal oxides, silver stain and enamels, which are then fired into the glass to become permanent. The term leaded light can be used when the glass used is already coloured, and no painting is involved.

My personal preference and expertise is in the latter, as I only use paint occasionally to put in small details. Traditionally lead with an H profile is used to hold the glass pieces together, and this in turn is fixed by using solder at each joint. The leads of the panel are then filled with soft putty by brushing it between the lead and the glass. When this hardens it gives the panel strength.

There are any number of styles that can be used in stained glass, from the traditional designs of the Victorian or Edwardian eras, to simple linear styles of artists like Frank Lloyd Wright, or the flowing Art Nouveau designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The medium is so flexible there is a style to suite almost every taste. In fact anything that can be drawn in such a way that the lines meet can be made in glass!

You will see from the following photos that I have worked in many styles, the majority designed by myself, and on occasion working from designs found in books chosen by the client.

(Any work that is not based on my own design is marked with an asterix)

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Rose and Orchid
This gift was made for the wedding of an Australian and an Englishman! The orchid is the emblem of Queensland and the Rose of England of course.
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Tulip panel
30 cm square striking tulip panel.


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* Christmas Wreath
Beautiful and everlasting Christmas wreath.

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Jazz Piano
This panel is 96 x 68cm and is framed in a reclaimed oak frame. Vibrant colours and several different textures of glass have been used to give the feeling of a lively jazz session.
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Picasso Violins
This piece of work measures 54 x 69cm and has a simple lead border with hooks ready for hanging on wires. The design is drawn in a Picasso style, and soft blues, browns and golds have been used to give a classical look.


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* Magnolia Mirror
A classical tiffany style mirror with flowing magnolia design. Wood framed and ready to hang, in cream, white and pink.

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* Love Birds
Beautifully constructed round panel, with hanging chain, 58 cms in diameter. Swirly clear baroque glass or deep blue background with pearly iridescent white birds.
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Flower Table Top
70cm diameter glass panel destined to be set in a table top.


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Fish panel approx 40cm diameter. Window hanging panel in watery blues and greens, with irridescent glass used for the fish.

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2 leaded panels intended to be hung one above the other. Each panel is approximately 50 cm square.



I can create a ‘work-of-glass' to any brief. Take a look at the Commissions page for some ideas of what is possible in stained glass.

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